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    Project Name: China Development Bank
    Project Address: Fuxingmen Inner Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China
    Product Application: 30,000 square meters of Travertino Romano; 10,000 square meters of Huarong Beige
    Project Overview : The gross floor area of China Development Bank is 140,000 square meters. The enterprise property and status of the bank has been taken into full considerations in the design. Its buildings are magnificent, tall, elegant, modern, orderly, and stylish, becoming another landmark of Chang'an Street in Beijing.
    Relying on powerful strength, years of large-scale projects experience, and comprehensive after-sales service system, Kangli successfully becomes the stone supplier of this project. Since the requirements of this project are demanding, Kangli has strictly inspected on the product quality at each level, overcome the major difficulty of composition, and finally decorated the project to perfect, winning unanimous favorable comments from the owner, supervisor, designer, and constructor. The decorative effects of Travertino Romano are very artistic and aesthetic, indicating the leadership of Kangli in processing Roman travertine. The success of this project is another demonstrator of Kangli's comprehensive strength in the stone material industry.